New Dryland Equipment And Storage

Posted by Hamilton Aquatic Club on Jan 23 2019 at 06:26PM PST

Hamilton Aquatic Club is very fortunate to have some amazingly committed and supportive families. Twin Peaks Electrical is the club’s main sponsor and one of the staggeringly identical twins that own and run Twin Peaks is our very own Darrin Shakeshaft, dedicated strokes and turns volunteer and father of Allie who swims in Level 3 Black. Darrin has very kindly extended his already generous sponsorship of the club to help with the purchase of equipment for our dryland training that takes place at Pauline Johnson School. Which leads on to an insanely dedicated member of our club, Rob Blunsdon, our President and father of Lucas who swims in Level 4. Rob just happens to be a music teacher at Pauline Johnson and in his very limited spare time managed to secure a fantastic deal for the club for the rental of the gymnasium at Pauline Johnson for our dryland training. So, with Twin Peaks Electrical’s generosity and Rob’s contacts and negotiation skills, we ran into another challenge – where to store and secure the new Twin Peaks Electrical dryland equipment. Rob found the space at the school but we needed to keep Twin Peaks’ investment secure. In steps yet another of our HAC devotees, Richard Garb, the club’s unofficial handyman and fixer and father of Bruno who also swims in Level 4. Richard designed and built a mobile storage locker that obviously (check out this photo) makes Coach Susie extremely happy. Richard has put a lot of thought and effort into this and, by all accounts, the craftsmanship is wonderful. The kids do the hard work but it’s the parents and coaches that help to make HAC what it is.

A huge thanks and a big shout out to Darrin and his partner and brother David, Rob, Richard & Susie. Please take the opportunity to thank them when you next see them.

Go HAC Go!!


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